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About us

We start with your personality: the rest is ours to know...

We aim to gain trust over the course of a project, and finish with excellence and satisfaction for the balance between costs and solutions. What is the difference between living and surviving, between a house and your home?

Creating an environment where you feel alive and harmonious is the goal we keep for each of our interventions ...



We have the best artisans in the area for interventions, each one a professional in his craft ...


A selection of producers who aim for quality at the right price to supply and install furniture for you ...

Interior Design

We work with the most advanced means to propose design; projects, quotes and photorealistic 3D renders ...

Design &

Industry studies have revealed that a furniture merchant's value is determined by the personal attention he pays to his customers.

An expert who has successfully advised countless people will assist you in the realization of your furnishings, and not only for the kitchen which is our flagship.

  • Responsables: Martin Novati


Once upon a time, customer trust had to be many times higher than it needs to be today. Modern technologies allow us to visualize choices in a realistic way, thus arriving at a much more relaxed conclusion.

The result of various combinations you chose was almost an unknown, with a photorealistic project this is completely different.

  • Responsables: Martin Novati

Some Projects

the New

Making quality choices he was simply fed up with the style he chose 30 years ago, resolved to do a thing for the rest of the days he fell in love with the lively, colorful, bright and eccentric ... once RC proposed it.

  • Clients: J.P. & C. Vercelli
  • Completion: August 2nd 2014
  • Project type: Kitchen/ Living
  • Designers: G.J. Dikkescheij
  • Budget: Chf. 40 000


Four kitchens on three floors and an attic, all the tiles and the renovation of the floors, walls and ceilings required research time and conservative work. F. Felouze required a touch of historical accuracy; handcrafted cement tiles.

  • Clients: F. Felouze
  • Completion: December 21st 2012
  • Project type: Renovation
  • Architects: Lino Pellissier
  • Budget: Chf. 80 000

and Stone

This composition sets up a new villa with top quality choices, burgundy, the trendy color of the moment, tiles that make thermal mass to add to the natural balance of heating.

  • Clients: A & E Corelli
  • Completion: December 14th 2012
  • Project type: 1st Installation
  • Designers: Gert-jan Dikkescheij
  • Budget: Chf. 32 000

heart of
the house

This professional chef with three stars responded in an exceptional way to our sales strategy, presenting after a cognitive interview the customer with a return of his request & one of our own.

  • Clients: C & C Raphoz
  • Completion: August 3rd 2013
  • Project type: Professional Kitchen
  • Architects: Alain Dunand
  • Budget: Chf. 30 000


It is an excellent strategy to work with very clear furniture/ set-up and color with objects. This allows you to change the tone of the environment in a few hours with little investment, like the Perissin's.

  • Clients: C & M Perissin
  • Completion: August 1st 2014
  • Project type: Villa, Residence
  • Designers: Gert-jan Dikkescheij
  • Budget: Chf. 18 000 (except appliances)

To The

Today it is common to sell constructions at a project stage, this is often accompanied by 3D projects, 3D is also used to save the expensive “staging” to make already built apartments attractive.

  • Clients: Fiduciaria Elia SA
  • Completion: February 22nd, 2021
  • Project type: Renovations
  • Architects: A. Lepori
  • Budget: Chf. 40 000

from the
ground up

You need to posses the terrain, (we have partners for that too) from there it's a turnkey project although you may personalize all ...
Check Out The Website >>.

  • Clients: Might B. You ?
  • Completion: 2023 ...
  • Project type: Villa, Residence
  • Architects: Cristian D. Valenzuela
  • Budget: Chf. 440 000

Inter Museum
In Rome

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  • Clients: Ethan Hunt, John Doe
  • Completion: February 5th, 2019
  • Project type: Villa, Residence
  • Designers: Cristian D. Valenzuela
  • Budget: Chf. 1 200 000


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